Yoga Bag

Cork Yoga Mat Tote

There’s nothing like juggling a sweaty mat, phone, keys, bottle and towel home from class to ruin your post-practice high. A yoga bag can really take the stress out of getting your yoga mat and gear to and from class.

We think a good yoga bag should carry your yoga mat and any other items you need, without fuss — and it should look good too.

Practical and versatile
The yoga mat tote bag carries your mat upright, which makes it easy to navigate crowded streets and transport without wiping people out with your mat. It has a side pocket for your towel, water bottle or strap. The large internal zippered pocket will keep your phone and valuables secure. Best of all, it doesn’t have to just be used for yoga. The cork yoga tote is a great beach bag, market bag, or handy toy hauler for the kids play-date.

Made to last
Our yoga tote has a fine cork exterior and is fully lined with sturdy, quick-dry cotton. It’s lightweight but strong and large enough to carry a normal size yoga mat with room to spare for accessories, and copes well with most extra large or extra thick yoga mats too. The yoga tote is a convenient way to organise and carry your yoga mat and essentials, it’s multi-functional with practical features you’ll love.

42cm long comfortable shoulder strap
Large interior 44cm high, 35cm wide at the top tapering to a 17cm wide base
Made with natural cork, fully lined interior
Large outer packet to slip towel or bottle
Large inner zipped pocket for your phone and essentials
Eye catching embroidered pocket trim


Over $75




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Take your yoga practice anywhere without the fuss